Sunday, December 11, 2016

Vaseline Glass

Today's thankful post, is a shout out to a cousin Cheryl DeVine - Holick. I never knew that she was my cousin until I joined a Native American Facebook group and started talking to the members there and discovered that I was related to many people in the group.
She is my 7th cousin but to me the degrees of separation don't matter because we share blood..
We were talking one day and she learned that I love Vaseline Glass. Vaseline glass glows underneath a black light and that just fascinates me. It is caused by Uranium in the glass making process.
One day this beautiful divided dish arrived for me and it glows under light so beautifully. It was a complete surprise, not for a special occasion which sometimes are the best kind.
I have looked at the dish for a couple of years now and it is always in a prominent spot so that I can see it because it came from her.
I admire her so much. She is a researcher, a busy owner of rentals, Is in charge of her DAR chapter and is such a giving person to every one. She is also one of a set of triplets and man do they look a lot alike. lol. All of them beautiful..
Thank you sweet cousin for your kindnesses to your cousin in Florida.. I thank you and love you... Always, Kimmee
Edited to say that I think I messed up the way the triplets are in her family.. I think she is a twin and had a set of triplets. lol. I almost had it right..

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