Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thankful The Rain Came

Today, I think that a lot of us are thankful. The rain was coming down like gangbusters last night and every now and then, we got a huge burst of thunder..
Every time that happens, I always think of Daddy saying, "God's bowling", and when it would rain with the sun still out he would say "The Devil is beating his wife." I have no idea where these old sayings came from but I can imagine that they are from the old country, passed down for generations.
My next thought were our farmers. They needed this rain. I wonder how many of us when we go to the supermarket to shop, thank the farmers?
Without them, no produce would be in the vegetable aisle.
That gallon of milk that you need with your morning cereal, would not be there.
That sweet potato pie that your dear ole Aunt made yesterday, would be a figment of your imagination without the farmers.
I know my own Daddy worked in the sawmill from sun up to almost sun down, then would come home and tend the garden that fed us. The boys helped tend the animals and we gathered eggs for tomorrow's breakfast.
I don't think that I thanked my Daddy enough for all the hard work he did or how many times he must have been tired or ached but I never heard him say anything about it. His reward was to get up the next day and do it again, every day.
So today, thank a farmer because Lord knows they deserve it. If you have ever worked a farm, it is a pretty thankless task. Farmers do that because they love it and their Daddy loved it and often their Granddaddy loved it.
My Niece is married to a farmer and she is a farmers wife. That is another special breed of person. My family is full of those, thank God.. Love to all, Kimmee

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