Sunday, December 11, 2016

Statues of Geese

Sometimes early in the morning before I get my eyes adjusted to being awake, the geese look like statues. LOL.
I hope that this morning will be all that you wish it to be and that tomorrow will be as well!
I am counting my blessings this year. Among them are my family and friends. The road I have been on the past 8 years has taken me places I never thought it would. We have expectations of where we are going and then the road turns for us.
The road turned for me last year when I faced homelessness and again this year when I faced it again.
I had worked most of my adult life, buying my home in upstate NY, educating and taking care of my children, and then illness roared its ugly head into my life. My life changed so much I hardly had time to adjust but I tried not to let life defeat me.
It wasn't easy to wear a smile some of the time but I always remembered what Daddy said, when we complained of tough meat. He said, it would be tougher without, and he was right.
Life could have been easier if I had been able to continue working as a Nurse and retired like I had planned at 55.
But who wants something easily gained?
The life I was given was rewarding and challenging. It kept me always searching and seeking higher ground. It made me grow as a being and made me get rid of things that kept me bound.
It was hard to look at illness as a gift but it has turned out to be just that.
My friend Joan Schaublin gave me something a bit ago called "Sitting with Discomfort" by Jeff Foster and I realized that was what I have been doing most of my life. And I have gained the gifts of that for my life.
Don't run away from hardships. They create who we are. They did it for our parents, our grandparents, and great grandparents.
I just wanted to thank those friends that have walked with me, cried with me, and laughed with me the past few years. I could not have known I would need you; but when I did, you were there.
All my love, Kimmee

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