Sunday, December 11, 2016

Daddy And Sunday

It is Sunday, a day of rest and thankfulness.
My Daddy always worked so hard 6 days a week but on Sunday, he rested. It was always so cool just to see him sit on the porch, making a sling shot or when he smoked, puffing on that pipe.
I loved that he would just take a day to walk the land, peer at his work in the garden, and after he fed the animals, he would watch them.
I always wonder what lessons he garnered from them and wish I had talked to him more.
Daddy was a quiet man who ran deep. When he said something he meant it and he did not really speak unless he had something to say, not like the endless prattle that we hear today.
I was a quiet child too, intent and listening. Because of that, I have stories of my family. I hope that families today still take a day to rest, talk and rock on the front porch and at noon time or shortly thereafter have a meal that makes you smack your lips.
Sending love and light to all my family and friends today with wishes of memories founded in the quiet time... Love, Kamama

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