Sunday, December 11, 2016

Peacocks That Live With Me

Good Morning sweet family and friends:-)
Today I want to thank those friends that have indulged my Peacock obsession. lol
I have had several friends and family that have given me things with Peacocks on them and I will start with my cousin Wise Wolf ( Linda L Fletcher). One day she contacted me and said, "Kamama, I am sending you something" and immediately like a kid at Christmas, I was excited. I am a hopeless kid at heart with any kind of surprises, be it a tangible thing or something to eat.
The waiting was so hard but a few days later, the most amazing gift arrived. As I took the pieces out of the box, I was over come. It was so perfect, like nothing I had ever seen before and everyone I have shown it to just loves it.
The gift is a bathroom set which consist of cup, soap and toothbrush holder. It is porcelain and has a bit of age on it. I do not use it in my bathroom because I share it with so many people, but if I ever get my own bathroom again, it is going to be used. It is so elegant and beautiful. Thank you so much, Wise Wolf.....
A few short weeks later, Cindy and Gina were out and about and sent me a beautiful Pad of Notes with a Peacock on each sheet. I haven't used them yet because they are just to pretty but one day I will... Thank you for thinking of me, as you go about your day.
I want to tell you something about my cousins Linda L Fletcher (and Dannie), Cindy Womble and Gina Mathis .
I was blessed to meet them all a few years ago and although it was only for a few hours, they are in my heart forever.
We share blood between us and when we met, our spirits knew each other instantly. We looked into each others eyes and felt our ancestors among us. We are tribal sisters and we are friends.
They are so giving to those that they love and care for, whether it is a two or four legged animal. When you meet people that love completely, that little blossom that is your heart blooms.. They made my heart grow and I am so grateful for that meeting. We may never get to see each other again but they will forever be in this pea pickin heart..........
I hope that each of you have or will meet people that make you grow. We tend to shelter our hearts in this day and age but I say give it all that you have. Don't be afraid to love, for life is so short. I know that sometimes it is a big scary world out there, but nothing makes you feel safer than love.
Today, I thank these amazing people that I only met once, but feel like I have known forever. I love you all and you are in my daily prayers. Today's prayer is for Cindy and Gina's fur baby Stone. He is sick, slowing gaining ground and I pray that he will continue to get well. It squeezed Cindy and Gina's heart a couple of days ago when Stone got so sick and people that love animals understand how that feels.
Love to my family and friends today. Open your heart and you will be blessed.. I promise.. Always, Kimmee

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