Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Life From Journal Pages

Good Morning to all,
    I am a couple of days behind for throwback Thursday but I always did march to a different drummer. This morning I was looking at the 33 years of Journal/scrapbooks that I have written and kept and it brought back such a flood of memories of my children.

    The first flower that my little grandson gave me in 1993. He was so proud of that flower and so was I.

    When my oldest daughter and I caught Cloris Leachman in Grandma Moses. It was amazing and I loved seeing it with her. She and I have always liked to go to plays and such and have since she was a child. 

    I remember When Clayton Moore died, The Lone Ranger, one of my childhood heroes. I have kept many newspaper clippings of some of the wonderful people that left us.

    My birthday flowers from my oldest daughter. I remember how I felt receiving them.

     And then my best friend Irene took me to see the Muntu Dance Theater of Chicago. They were fabulous.

    The times that I visited my children's classrooms and shared my collections with them. They loved it but I got far more out of it than they did.

    The journals are filled to the brim of memories of the past years. I don't keep a journal anymore and will burn these before I die but my daughter in law had a good idea in which to save the memories. I am going to buy each of my children and grandchildren a scrapbook and put all their individual memories in each of them. They will have the little letters, flowers, drawings and the many times they made me smile to read..
    Do any of you journal and if you do, are you going to leave them to anyone when you journey on?
    I hope that every one is having an amazing day. I have enjoyed my morning walking down memory lane. Love to all, Kimmee