Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lessons From Life

Good Morning sweet friends, (wordy entry)
I had such a surprise when I went out to the pond this morning. I was out to welcome in the day and I saw a blue heron on the far shore. As I got a bit closer I saw the white Egret closer to me. I crept closer and then I saw the miraculous site of the two birds in the picture with the duck. What a shot. This doesn't happen all the time and it was such a gift to see them today. As I looked more closely at the other side, I saw a baby and I sighed.
This is the lesson from 2008...
I took my walk today and the world was quiet except for an occasional birdsong, telling me to keep moving forward, when I would so love to step back. To retreat into my aloneness where I feel most safe, but I can not. I am a new creature now and strong. Strength continues to move forward into the now and tomorrow.
Fear is a strange mistress. It can paralyze, or it can motivate. A wise man once told me that "there is no bravery in the absence of fear" and I believe that.
I strolled to what is left of my beloved lake this morning. Closed my eyes and sought peace. Slowed my breathing and listened to my heart beating within my chest. Alive and strong.... That is what I have become on this journey. Alive and Strong... That is my gift for the many nights I cried alone in my pain. That is the gift for the many holes I stepped in along the way to becoming who I am.... That is the gift for any of us that struggle to heal our hearts and rise again......
As I closed my eyes and thought of what got me to where I am and the gratefulness I feel each day for that, something told me to open my eyes.. I had been there for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. I had not heard anything fly in and yet when I opened my eyes, the small heron was there. Watching me and me watching him..... This was the child, a little older now, growing with life’s lessons and becoming an adult with new eyes.. And that was me, an adult , becoming as a child, with wonder for all things, and with thankfulness in my heart for them... My heart is pure, full of love and light, able to love all things, able to play with the box and see the gift in that..... And I am so thankful.. The tears filled my eyes as I watched the child play in the water and thought of me playing in the water as I do, when it is within my reach, or when it rains on me...
May we all become as children. Able to forgive hurts and move on.. Able to see the wonder in all things as it should be each day..... Able to love without past hurts binding us, and keeping us prisoner..... Able to walk forward into each day and think what wonderful thing will happen to us today..... Able to hope, dream, and grow with the lessons of that new life..
Find your heron today and see one thing today as a child..
Take a look at the photos and feel the healing power of nature as I feel it everyday.. Sending you all love and light today, Kimmee