Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thanksgiving A Few Days Late

It is Thanksgiving and a time to be thankful for what we have. Each time this holiday rolls around I am reminded of what a rich country we live in and how many go hungry.
If you see someone hungry this holiday season, buy them a meal. If you see someone cold, bring them a blanket.
This Election process has divided families and I want to remind you of a passage in the Bible: Mark 3:25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
It's not to late to mend fences, tell someone that you love them and respect that they may have different thoughts on the subject than you do, but that this is America and that is what it is founded on.
In doing genealogy of my family and others it is a reminder that many of our own families were poor immigrants, unable to speak the language when they came into Ellis Island.
My own GG Grandfather came to this country from Germany in 1815 and never learned to speak the language but that did not make him a less valuable person.
I was looking at a leaf this morning that was green with splotches of yellow on it and I thought of the children that do not get to choose who their parents are or what color.
This week, I have seen unspeakable horrors of behavior in classrooms, not from the students but from the teachers.
Teachers who mistreat students and call them disgusting names, need to be fired and never work with the youngest minds again.
It is easy to be mean but we have no hope for a future if we don't nourish the young crop!
This Thanksgiving let's vow to silence our tongues and open our hearts.. God will bless you for that. He blesses me every day.
All my love, Kamama
(The photos are from one of our Thanksgivings. I pray that your holiday is blessed with love and peace.)

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