Wednesday, May 24, 2017

On Being In Love

May 23 2013
Good early morning sisters and brothers. I was talking about love to some friends yesterday. I have written about love many times over the past few years and wanted to share some of how that came about for me.. Here is an entry that changed my life.. I love you, Kimmee
PS. My oldest daughter took this shot a while ago long before Kamama was born. Prophetic for sure...
Falling In Love
Thursday, December 10, 2009
I was reminded this morning of the day that I fell in love..I was on a dating site and someone asked me if I had fallen in love, and I replied, Sort of....
It was over at the other house that had the lake, and I was walking down the path to the lake for my morning meditation. As I got about half way there, I noticed the perfect tree reflected in the water and the thought found me, that I want to find that perfect mirror image of myself to love.
I ran back home to get my camera to capture the picture and got as close to the waters edge as I could, to get that perfect shot..
I took the shot, and then something made me look down, and there reflected in the water was the perfect mirror image of someone to love. Myself..
Tears flooded my eyes that day, and I still tear up thinking about it all this time later, because I changed that day. I was able to see that I was indeed lovable, that I was the perfect person to love, and that I deserved all that love that I give others all the time.
It made a huge difference in my life that day, and my wish is for each of you to find that perfect mirror image of yourself to love.. When that day came for me it brought me such peace.. I wish that for each of you... Love to all, Kimmee

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