Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Love Is The Answer

It seems appropriate and yet so sad that this comes up on my timeline today following yet another Terrorist attack, this time in Manchester. 
I keep praying for unity for our World and I will continue to pray that one day our children will know peace. 
 Hold your loved ones close. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, today will be a memory soon. Make Your world as bright as you can. I am so blessed in my life and I don't take that life for granted. Thank you all for being here. Continue spreading love around and continue praying for peace and for each other. Love to all, Kimmee

(Warning, wordy post)
Lord, it is such a beautiful start to the day and while watching the squirrels scurrying here and there, and listening to the bird song, it is hard to think that anything could be wrong in the world.
Then my eyes hit a news byline that says things like Riots going on in Cleveland after that verdict, massive earthquakes in Nepal, and Isis executes mass women and children. The realities of what is going on in other places hits my spirit like a brick and I feel humbled to be safe in my world.
But not every one is safe where they live. Sometime, just the color of your skin will dictate how your day is going to go.
We think we have come so far in our country, that we are so civilized but that is far from the truth.
We have rampant prejudice in the world. It is not only here but the headlines the past few months show us with certainty that we treat people differently in the USA based on the color of your skin.
It is not a new thing. When many or our ancestors came to this country on those first ships, the land was inhabited by a beautiful free people.
They had skin of bronze, long dark hair with feathered decorations and they hunted and gathered what they needed, always giving thanks for what they were given.
These beautiful people that had never seen anything but themselves contracted diseases that the White men brought, they were killed if they resisted the efforts of the White man expansion efforts, and they were treated as less than animals as time went on.
These once proud men and women who took care of the land, always replenished the resources that The Creator provided were put into slavery, were cheated out of their land, were a small soft shoe step away from annihilation.
We could complain about the state of affairs or we could do something about it. We could feed the hungry, like that little boy of 5 that saw a man and questioned his mom about him. The innocent mind of a 5 year old did not know what homelessness meant and when told, he thought of a way to fix what he saw.
The Racial differences that we are seeing in our country seem so monumental that people wonder if we were ever breach the gulf, but I am here to tell you we can.
It will start with the children being exposed to children unlike themselves.
My daddy was a Southern man, born and bred, but there was not a shred of racial inequality in his speech or manner. As I watched him treat the black man selling peanuts like his best friend, I gained a valuable insight to humans.
Red, yellow, black, white, gay, straight, transgender or any other difference that we can come up with. Because beneath that skin, beats a heart and blood flows to that heart which is life.
Start being an example to the youth of America today. If you are prejudiced and can recognize it, change it.
If you don't have any black friends, change it..
If you have a complaint, come up with a solution. Ghandi said.. Be the change you seek..
I love you all so much.. I believe that love can change the world. I will keep on believing as we grow.. Kamama

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