Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Grandma

All of my Grandparents died when I was young but my Grandmother Creamer on my Daddys side really stands out in my memory.

We lived just up the road on 120 acres of land that my Grandfather has purchased for a nickel an acre and had subsequently sold to my Dad.. My Dad had built a block home in 1949 and the home still stands today and my Sister lives there, since my Dad passed.. But I am getting away from my story.

My Grandmother was a little tiny woman under 5 feet tall. It was always so amazing to watch her because although she was tiny, she was strong and she could lift about two times her weight. I used to love to watch her just work. She was a worker, from sun up to sun down. She was nice to me, in an other wise unfriendly environment that I lived in, and it made up for a lot that was not going right.

She washed clothes by hand on a washboard and would hang them out every day to dry on the line. She would let me "help" her, but I think I hindered more than helped.. She would have to rewash things that I dropped, but she never said an unkind word about it. That was the kind of woman she was..

I would sit on that old front porch, in that wooden swing and feel the breeze on my face, drink some sweet tea, and life was good..

One of the favorite parts of my day was really early in the morning. I was about 5, with blonde curls and I would run down to my Grandmas house so as not to miss her Brush her hair.. I have told you all of the tiny woman she was. Well her hair was not tiny! It was too the floor. It was long and silky, a Grey and white color and I loved to watch her pick it up like a horses mane and brush it. She must have brushed it a hundred times every morning and I would sit in my grandpops big rocking chair, hear that big old Grandfather clock ticking , and watch her..

You might ask, " what is so fascinating about her brushing her hair?" and I would tell you that it wasn't the brushing that got me. It was the fact that when she was done, she would start gathering all that hair up and put it in the tiniest, neatest little bun right on the top of her head , and my young mind could not wrap itself around the fact that all that hair would just disappear into that tiny , not a hair out of place, bun!!! It was amazing to watch and a sight that I have never forgotten.

Over 50 years have passed and I can still see Grandma in her apron, brushing her hair early in the morning.. I was lucky enough to be given that Apron , by my Aunt, her daughter, the last time that I went home, and when I look at it hanging up in my room, I still see Grandma and her long hair.

My Granddaughter aged 9 wearing her 2nd Great Grandmother's apron.

I miss you Grandma, Kimmee

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