Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Childhood Doll

Hi all,

I am going to tell a story this morning about a little girl of five. This little girl had a hard life with no mother at home and a father that worked hard all day and came home late at night. She slept in the same bedroom with her older sister. Twelve years separated their ages and it was Christmas time.

The little blonde haired girl was very excited. She always got a box filled with fresh fruit, some peppermint candy, a coconut, and best of all one gift!!! It was the only time of year she got fresh fruit and she could not contain her five year old excitement. It was late at night and she heard a sound and awakened her sister. "Sis, I think I hear Santa Claus" The older sister said " go back to sleep, he won't leave you anything if you get up". The little girl tried not to wriggle in the bed and be a nuisance, but she was so excited because she was waiting for a DOLL....She had asked her Daddy for one, not knowing that the doll she wanted was almost a weeks pay and the poor family would have no way of getting the doll for her! She waited as long as she could , and finally her sister said "oh get up."

She burst into the cold living room to see her box! There it was with the oranges, apples, bananas, coconut, and peppermint candy just as it was every year, but no wrapped package was in the box and that was where her one gift always was! Her heart felt like bursting with sadness, because the one thing she wanted most was that Polly Ponds Beauty Doll she had seen in the five and dime once, when she got to go out with Daddy to the hardware store. She felt like crying but she tried to be brave as a tear rolled down her cheek. Her Daddy asked her "What's wrong little ole gal?" The little girl replied "nothing daddy" Then her Daddy left the room and went into the kitchen and came back with a large brown paper bag covered box. He said " What's This?" It was a big box he was holding, far too large for her little box, and he gave it to her....

She was almost afraid to open it and held her breath the whole time as she carefully pulled the tape off the brown paper it was wrapped in. Finally she could see, it was HER DOLL. a Polly Ponds Beauty Doll complete in travel ensemble and those great hose that she has seen older women wear with the seam down the back and her eyes filled with tears. She remembered to hug her Daddy and she just looked at her doll in the box for the longest time hoping that this was not a dream like before, but she could feel the doll and hear the rustle of the satin dress and she hugged the doll close to her chest.

All will probably know by now that the little girl was me and I got her in 1958 and am enclosing a picture of her for the group to see.  I love her still and think of that little girl often, so that I will never forget how sweet it felt to get the special doll I wanted.

When I think of a purchase today, I am selfish enough to want that same feeling and I only add dolls that make me feel that way. I have often felt sad in my adult life that I did not play with her as often as I should, but she would surely not be in the condition she is today if I had, so I rejoice in the fact that I stared at her and loved her so much that I kept her as she was the first day she came to live with me and when I look at her I remember how wonderful it felt to get my first doll...

Hope all enjoy my little good morning story and think about a special doll purchase you have made and that it brings a smile to your face as I am smiling now thinking about my Polly.... Hugs and love to all, Kimmee

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