Thursday, August 11, 2011

For My Brother

My brother went to Vietnam at the tender age of 19

He came back a man changed for all the things he had seen

He walked off that plane proudly, ready to kiss the soil

They spit in his face and jeered, as he thought about what he had toiled

His wife left him for another, as he served his country dear

She took that hope that kept him safe, and made him feel most near

But still he gave some of himself, though they tried to take that too

And when he stooped to kiss the ground; that hope left him anew

He lost himself in a bottle, and trust deserted him

He tried to clear his head, but could not find the way

He had no one to turn too, certainly not the VA

He felt alone and found a cell, the only way to cope

Would he give his life for county again, my guess is that it would be nope

We who stay safe in our homes, and live without a care

Never know the ramifications, of what they lose to dare

To feed the dream we were raised on, and taught back in the day

That thing that became known as, The American Way

He lives in solitude, he cries when he is alone

He asks for nothing, and gave all that he could

I wonder if we were asked to serve

If our answer would be, we would

Now he is but a shell, of that teen who went to fight

To save our freedoms for us, and to give us the right

To vote, and walk on the street safe from all strife

To live and love inside your homes, with children and a wife

So this is for all them serving, and the ones that have fallen too

may you find it in your hearts, to shake a hand and say

thank you for giving to your country

and saving the American Way

We failed these brave Soldiers and my prayer is that we do it better this time. Give some of your time to a Veteran, just listening, walking, or caring. It will make a world of difference in their life but it will change you forever.

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