Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ole 100

Another memory of my precious Daddy....
Ole 100
Good morning sweet friends,
I don't know if I have shared with you all that we live near a train track now. Many people are put off by the sound of the train rolling down the track and the whistle that lets you know it's coming, but I love it..
It takes me right back to Century, Florida and the Alger Sullivan Company, that Daddy worked for all his life. He would sometimes have to go in to work on Saturday for one thing or another and amazingly, we (Donna and I) were allowed to go along.
The ole 100 was on the track out front. It gave us and every one in the area visions of how the lumber used to be delivered many years ago. It was our playground while Daddy did what he had to do, fixing some machinery that had gone bad on his day off or consulting with someone on what had to be done to fix whatever it was that had gone wrong.
Mind you, we were not irresponsible children and would never have harmed anything on that big ole Iron Horse but we made believe that we were the conductor of the train and going to see places far away. While he worked, we traveled. lol...
We would climb up on that black Horse and run to the Engineers cabin where you could see the pull for the train whistle, the place where the coal was shoveled in to keep it moving, and the old seat where the conductor could sit.
I was such a little girl when we used to do this, probably about 7 or 8 but I will always remember hanging my head out of the engine and dreaming about my hair blowing in the wind, as we rolled down the track.. lol. Donna and I would take turns being the engineer and we would hoop and holler like people did when they saw a train go by. So much fun and such great memories.
In the words of Johnny Cash, now when it starts down the track all I can hear is this song and all I can see are two little girls in our dresses climbing up on Old 100 to take a trip on Saturday:-) I hope that all of my wonderful family and friends enjoy this day as we did all those years ago.....
" I hear that train acoming, rolling round the bend, and I ain't seen the sunshine in . I don't know when".....…/alger-sullivan-societys-old-…

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