Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Beautiful Fall Day

Good Afternoon dear friends,
I was outside where it is so beautiful today and wanted to share the huge ruby red grapefruit that we will be ready to devour after first frost The tree is so full of fruit that the branches are almost touching the ground.. It is going to be so good and I can't wait until I can have one.

The tangerine tree has a few this year too. It is young so in the years to come will just have more and more until its branches are full also.

There is a beautiful vine covered in purple flowers over looking the fence that made me smile. I love anything to do with purple; I guess because my birthstone is that color:-) 

Then it started to sprinkle as the sun was shining and I heard Daddy's voice in my head saying.. "The Devil is beating his wife" and when the thunder was loud, " God is bowling"...
It was a sweet reminder that Daddy lives in me and it made me smile. I hope that all of you have a moment today that makes you smile. Maybe more than one.. Love you all, Kimmee

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