Monday, July 11, 2011

Sing In The Dawn

I awakened really early this morning before the dawn made an appearance and I sat in my swing to await the light. As I cleared my mind I could hear the birds start to awake. I thought as I do so often of how much hope a being has to have, to sing in the dark believing in the light as the birds do.
Small birds have a tiny brain capacity, incapable of much more than the inborn instincts of survival, which includes forging for food, reproduction and singing, which is their language. I am sure they have other missives but I am not a bird expert, only a vessel for the hope they fill me with every morning in the dark, awaiting the light.

On this morning I think of all the brain capacity that we as humans possess and how very little of that is directed toward hope in the dark. When we are without light, we tend to ruminate all our losses, sink deep into everything that has ever gone wrong in our entire lives, and it makes it difficult to see the light when it does arrive as we are shrouded in darkness.

As I watched the light of that brilliant sun start to illuminate objects around me and I could start to make out shapes and textures that surrounded me, I saw them.

The birds on the branches serenading in my day and it blessed me in such a way that only nature can. These tiny creatures flying about, doing what ever it is that birds do, have given this being a clear directive.

We have to concentrate on having more hope in our lives, more belief that the light will find us every day, without fail.

If such a tiny creature can sing the light into their lives everyday, how can we do less?

I was so grateful this morning as the sun touched my face. I put on my walking shoes and went for my walk and another gift was mine; a white baby feather. Soft and new like I want to be:-)

May you all fly into tomorrow with the same smile I have in my heart this morning. I am going to end this entry with something my older sister wrote to me yesterday.

“We can’t know why something happens but we can know that love and beautiful memories will outlast the pain. We know that there is a place inside the heart where love lives always and where nothing beautiful can ever be forgotten. If I have learned anything down here through the years, it’s that nothing beautiful in this world is ever really lost. What we have cherished will always live on in our memory. “


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