Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Is peace ever anything, we can find
Or does it lie deep within
If we search for it, will we know
What it is, that comes to men

Will the feeling last, a long time
Or be a fleeting mist
Will we know, a lovers hands
Or feel, his missed kiss

Will the peace surround us
And make us float on air
Or will we lose us, in the search
Will anyone outside us, care

Is it possible to find it
If we end a life too soon
Is it possible to search for it
And find it in our room

It lives among the ruins
Of what our life "could" be
And if we keep searching for it
We will never find the key

Peace resides in all of us
If we claim it for our prize
You will see it deep inside
When you look into your eyes

Photo and Poetry by Kimmee

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