Monday, January 9, 2017

My Children are my heart

Dear friends, ( warning long post from Facebook)
I am not a political person and usually do not voice my views on politics or share much of the lives of my children but I read something today and it broke my heart so I will share and some of you may delete me as a friend and that is ok, cause I will go on loving all of you with all my heart. It is the only way I know to be.
I have two gay children, one daughter and one son. I have three children and two of them are gay and I love all of them equally and am proud of all of them equally. And my heart breaks when people judge them, or hate them because of who they are and I will never be one of those people because I believe in love. Of all people no matter what!
That is what Jesus means to me, LOVE. He demonstrated that with Mary Magdelene. He demonstrated that when he said" let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
I consider myself spiritual, in tune with nature and our Creator and I accepted him into my heart when I was 14. I did not know at the time what was in store for my life.
I had grown up in a hard, alcoholic household and out of that I grew to value love of humanity and forgiveness for shortcomings and I also learned not to judge because I was judged all my life. My mother , my status as a divorced woman several times and through all of that, I loved and believed in love because I knew that I was loved even though people around me judged me.
God did not judge me. He took me as I am, warts and all and loved me. And I loved him and every one else.
I revere the Nature he gives to us, the lessons he has taught me about myself, about love. How when I got sick, I lost every thing I had gained and collected over 35 years and what I gained instead of material things, respect for myself, I learned the strength of asking for help. I saw the good in people and I choose to do that.
Some say I go through life with Rose colored glasses and thank God I am one of those people, those half full kind of people.
My children will never be less than and I will never make them feel less than.
They are my hero's.
They work, pay taxes, have children, own homes, and take care of their sick Mother and they love people. They help so many.
As a geriatric Nurse,I have cared for so many elderly people that had children that did not call them or visit and we became their family.
I often wondered if I was going to be one of those people as I moved from place to place without money, selling everything I had to not be a burden on others and who came to my rescue, my daughter and daughter in law.
They gave me a place where I can live out the rest of my days because I was taking care of others and not taking care of me and I got sick.
I thought I might die and I wanted to make amends for the wrongs I had done, or the hurts I had inflicted. Death has a way of making you get real about yourself.
I know myself and I know the Creator I believe in. I see him every day in the good around me and I pray for all those that have less than I am blessed with. I have people that love me every day, hug me, feed me. give me two rooms in which to house my temporary treasures, but the real treasures are my children and the people in my life that love me and that I love.
Life is short, temporary and I was shown what I am a few years ago The creator.
I was trying to walk.. after being so sick.. And just as I started out on a cool crisp morning a deer walked out of the woods.. I thought that was it.. And then 3 more followed of descending sizes. It hit me like a thunderbolt . That was my life... I had lost my health, (the big deer), My job, my home and contents, and finally my husband left me cause the meds made me gain weight and I could not support him as I had the past 19 yrs, cause I got sick. I had lost so much and gained so much.. AND. I was still walking, beautiful like the deer. A thing of beauty walking free. a child of God and he loved me..
I love all of you too,. I am going to take some time away today to revel in life and the love of my children. I am one of the blessed... I am a Native American/Scottish/English/ Quaker, mother of children.. I am one of you.. And my children are of me and I am so thankful for them in my life.Love each other...
Love to all, Kimmee

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