Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Heart Leaf Lesson

Hi my sweet friends,
Last evening I was outside and found a heart leaf. Then I found several more and the lesson came to me that the first leaf is our beating heart passionate, filled with the heat of love and life.
The second leaf has grown, knowing love, but is damaged with the things that break our hearts over the course of its life.
A love gone wrong.
The loss of a child, sibling or parent.
The haphazard fortunes of loss and then more loss...
The third leaf is our hearts so broken that they have died. It is hard for us to feel good about things. We may be sad or depressed or feel dead inside.
And then just when we may have lost all hope, a new love begins to blossom. We may have aged enough that we love ourselves, just as we are in this moment, or the beautiful path of life may have brought a new person into our lives, or we may have weathered all the loss and realized that we survived.
Bent, but not broken as we previously thought.
No matter which leaf of life that you may be experiencing right now, take heart that it will change and depending on how we trust ourselves or others, it will become new again, passionately beating filled with the heat of love and life..
Full Circle....
I love you all so much and pray that love finds you every beating moment of your heart. Always, Kimmee

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