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Christmas At The Alger Sullivan Company Party.. Century, Fl..

Christmas at Alger Sullivan Company
One of the most exciting things to happen to me at Christmas time was getting a gift from Santa Claus at the Alger Sullivan Company Christmas Party.
It was always right before Christmas and every child whose parent worked for the company received a gift. They were not just cheap toys either, but dolls, tricycles, little cars, toy guns, and games of that day. No socks or shoes or clothes or books, Just toys, toys and more toys. Or at least that is the way I remember it. lol
Daddy would tell us we are going to the Christmas party and we would all get into our Sunday "go to meeting" dresses and lil suits for the boys. I don't remember there being a cut off age for a gift. Every child that had a parent working for the company got something.
We did not get much and Christmas with the company was amazing. It was held in this huge hall or auditorium and you got to see children you had never seen before and would not see again until the next year. We all went into a really large room and saw a huge tree and a big man in a red suit sitting beside it, in a big chair. He had helpers that brought the gifts to him and they had names on them.
One of the helpers would hand him a gift and he would talk into the microphone and call a name..... Jeffrey Jones and we would wait until Jeffrey came up.... Jimmy King .... And we would wait until Jimmy came up..Carla Lewis ... And we would wait, sitting on the floor with children as far as you could see. ( These are made up names because to tell you the truth, I listened for Peacock and tuned every thing else out. lol) Name after name, child after child, a hundred children later and finally the Peacocks were being called.. Clifton.. Ernest.. Donna....Gloria.. Finally me.. And I would get up off the floor, smooth my dress and petticoat and march right up to that man in red as brave as you pleased, to pick up my gift. You waited until every child had a gift and then it was mayhem.. Santa would say into the Microphone.. " Did every one get a gift?" and then try to hear the response above the giggles and sharing of the gifts between the children. "Look what I got. Isn't she beautiful?" Or my brother saying, " look at this b b gun." It was the most fun in a evening that I could ever remember having because it was something different than chores and school.
I will never forget those days and the toys that came to live with me. The slinky that I played with til it was a bent mess, the little dolly sized stove that had a pan and a door that would open for you to cook, the tops that twirled and made music the faster it twirled, the tricycle, the many little tea sets, telephones, stuffed animals, pull toys, and dolls ( although I don't remember getting one) I only remember the one that Daddy got me when I was five that I saw in the window in Flomaton and wanted so badly.
If you are a kid and had a parent that worked at Alger Sullivan company, I know that you remember this just like I do.. Merry Christmas every one..
Gloria Peacock Kimmel Christmas 2015
( The picture is borrowed from Google but we looked just like that as we awaited our gift)
Daddy with this lunch box coming home from an Alger Sullivan work day. Donna still has his lunch box.. Ernest packed it then when I got to be about 8 or 10,  I packed it every morning before he went to work. I left home at 18 and Donna packed it)

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