Sunday, September 1, 2013

Angelic Spirits

  Angelic Spirits

I am of Native American descent.
I believe that we are one clay, all of us.
That we have a creator, many call God.

I revere nature and all its lessons.

I meditate and in the silence, I hear many things.

The animals teach me many lessons, and I listen.

The sun's warmth keeps me, and the wind caresses me.

I love all people.

I accept all for who they are.

I do not try to change anyone.

I am all love.

I believe in walking in the light.

Being a ripple of goodness to all.

The world changes, one person at a time.

I love the night sounds,
 The Stars, The Moon, and often am in it.
We miss so much in our haste.

I am a turtle and like that about me.

I get to see and hear things that others may miss.

I know how to tear up, it doesn't bother me.

A man can see far away with a telescope,
But through tears, can see God.

I have never been afraid to cry.

You never know what is behind the tears.

Good for them and me.

We bottle so much inside,
Thinking we have to act one way.

Sometimes needing to spill forth.

So that we can heal.

Let go of the past where it belongs,
so that we can walk forward into our now,
and the infinite possibilities, that exist for us.

Poetry by Yvlihv Kamama/Orange Butterfly

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