Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Two Aunts

Good Morning dear friends,
 The Chopra Center is focusing on creating abundance in our own lives this month and I started thinking about what that means for me. It really has nothing to do with possessions or the gaining of them or wanting them in my life. It has to do with reprogramming my brain to understand that I live in abundance everyday.

When I was little, abundance meant that I had another book to read. As I grew older it meant that I had a home, clothes and food for my family. Now at this time in my life, it means that I have another day to live. Another day to learn something new about me and life. When one has faced death, it changes the way you think of life. I thought I would die 8 years ago. And even though that did not happen physically, all that I had at that time has died. My marriage, my home, the contents of that home, my health and career as a Nurse, and my relationships with my children. I have been stripped down to having nothing, yet I feel that I have everything.

 Why and how can I feel this way?
 Because I have life.

Life is an opportunity for abundance everyday. I have made a clear choice to focus on what I have in my life each day. Some may say that is denial and some may say that is reality. It is life; fluid, and every changing and I can change with it or be swallowed up by it. I have noticed in my life when I have lost something, I also gain something and it is usually something I need.

The losses are incredibly heartbreaking. As a parent we hope that our children will be here for us when we need them, but sometimes that dynamic changes. When it does we are forced at that time to examine our lives and our choices that impacted them, and ask forgiveness. They may not forgive you and that is so hard, but you will have done what you have control over. Anything beyond that is out of your control.

We are not perfect and should not hope to be. We are human. We try and we succeed. We try and we fail. Hopefully we learn the lesson we are supposed too and keep trying.

 I have spoken a lot about forgiveness before so won't dwell on that aspect of my life, but I will end with saying that if you have life, you have abundance.

Take a moment to examine how blessed you are each day. Pick one thing and say thank you.

Today I send out a thank you to the two friends that helped me eat this month and last. Eating is on the hierarchy of needs, and when the basic needs are met, we can focus on loving and giving back some of that wonderful abundance that has been sent our way.. I love you all. I wish an abundant life for you, what ever that may mean to you. (((((Friends and family)))))) Love, Kimmee

 PS. This is a picture of two of my Aunts. They lived an abundant life. You can tell by the smiles on their faces. They both passed away this year. The one on the left is Thelma Irene Peacock King. She lived to be 102 years and 10 months. She taught me all about abundance. She smiled every day even though she faced such hardships. She lost a husband, she lost children, she lived through the Great Depression of 29. Yet look at that smile on her face. The one on the right was the Aunt that I loved most. Her name is Mary Elma Peacock Morris. She died this year right after her 90th birthday. Look at that smile on her face. She lost her husband, and one of her children and was sick at the end, but her face lit up last year when I came home, and my sister and I sang for her! These two were gems in my life, and I want to go out of mine, smiling, being thankful for my abundance......

Written by: Gloria Ann Peacock Kimmel on Nov. 10, 2012 Photo courtesy of Donna, My sister

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