Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finding My Element

Hi all, I am going to be away over the weekend for my birthday. I don't have a clue where I am going as it is a surprise from my oldest daughter and daughter in law. I wanted to share where she took me the last time she surprised me! I am so excited to see what awaits me and will be back to tell you all about it on Sunday:-)
My Lesson From the Gentle Giants
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
I have not shared this with all of you, as I have been basking in the afterglow, but I shared this with someone this morning, and felt that I want all to hear what I was taught two weeks ago, by an unlikely source. I went to snorkel with the Manatee, a gift from my daughter for my 56th birthday, and it turned out to be the most significant gift, that I can recall, in some time. These magnificent sea creatures, weighing 1-2,000 lbs, and ability to do great harm to one if they wanted too, were as gentle as puppies! You immediately become one of them, feeling their peace, feeling their contentment with life as it is. They bump into you and surround you in a cocoon of peace. It permeates your being, as you touch them, knowing that they could kill you if they wanted too, but have no need too.
They are at one with their world, and allow us to be a small part of how much they care for one another. They talk to each other, and you can hear it underwater. I wondered what they were saying the whole time and felt that it was one of joy, at sharing themselves with us the barbaric humans, in the hopes, that we would get it. The it being, that we must love all and show all that love. That we all have potential to hurt others within us, but have no need too, if we are one with ourselves....
They have found their element , and within that show complete and utter peace. Their element is one of weightlessness, for the great bulk they carry. In the water, it is as if they weigh nothing, and are light and free. We must find our own element during this time. A place where we feel free of the weights that would drag us down and drown us.
I found my "weight lifter" in my life. It resides in my walks and my meditation at the lake. When I see the sun burst forth through the pines and feel the slight breeze rock me, I am at complete peace!
Find your element!
It may reside in a dusty old shelf of books, that will fly you back to childhood excitement, as Ali Baba finds the cave and treasure. It may be a song that you get up and sway to and fro, feeling your lovers arms around you, as you did when we were young.
When I think of this, I always remember a friend, who was saying goodbye to her lover. He was going to Vietnam and I was a waitress in the little place they came to eat. I was privy to their goodbye. I cried with her knowing that this may be the last time they saw each other. They danced one last song together, holding each other tight. It was so poignant! Young love, lost.. He did not return and that was the good bye she will remember. She told me that she had such peace in the way they said til next time, and I believe her, because I was there.
It may be putting your feet up in a bubble bath and saying good bye to the world for a half hour.
Or it may be, to come experience these magnificent sea creatures for yourself! What ever the case may be, find your element of peace, and wallow in it, as I do:-)
Love to all, Kimmee)

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  1. I will never forget you sharing this with me, Gloria and because of your experience, I will, hopefully, make this happen in my life..Beautifully expressed through the heart of your words..thank you so very much...taking your advice and words of wisdom and putting them deep in my heart..